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Originally Posted by mostlyclueless View Post
Great date ends in threesome. After a while I am not really enjoying it and feeling ready to wrap it up. The other people keep going at it. No one has made me come, my primary is trying to give the other girl a second orgasm -- he has never made me come more than once, or even tried. I feel so stupid for caring so much about something so petty. After a few subtler attempts, I had to ask them to just stop. I couldn't handle it.

After the other person left I had a huge fight with my partner, I was so angry with him, and he was angry with me.

I am so embarrassed and feel so guilty. I took 2 sleeping pills and haven't really slept. Please someone tell me how I fix this. What should I do.
hi hun,

my first threesome (well it was suppose to be a foursome but the guy was to busy filming it )

my bf and the girl did a lot, bf ignored me and would only play with the girl, wouldn't touch me and when I asked if he was ok he said '' I am a bit busy!''

talk to them both and say what makes you happy and comfortable and set some rules, maybe have separate meets for a while as they can't seem to involve you a 3way couple
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