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Originally Posted by NovemberRain View Post

Fascinating position. I relate, a lot. Not completely, but a lot.

I adore my men, but they seem to run out of words rather quickly. Or they don't like to talk on the same subjects as I do, maybe. They like to argue, and I do not; but once agreed, they don't want to explore a topic further, and I do. Or maybe it's just I wanna know how they feel about stuff and they don' wanna talk about that.!

But I recently had an opportunity to have a long deep conversation with someone, and it was quite lovely; and I realize I miss that tons and tons.

Thanks for posting this.
It's been my experience that when I've been in a monogamous LTR, I didn't even have the freedom to have long deep conversations with anyone. I notice even that my married monogamous friends don't tend to share very much online the way that my single or poly friends do.

My mother is monogamous in her marriage and is so paranoid about potential emotional infidelity and "how things look" that she doesn't even HAVE deep friendships, just the occasional lunch date with some other married straight woman. She is lonely, but she just considers this part of the price of being married and part of the sacrifice you make. :/

I have never been so in love with anyone that this would be a worthwhile sacrifice.
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