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Originally Posted by BrigidsDaughter View Post
Mags - I think part of the issue in your situation was that they weren't looking for it to be a threesome when you decided you wanted to join in. You saw them getting physical and turned on the mood enhancers for your own benefit and started trying to vie for attention.
No, BD. There was no plan that it was to be just the two of them. We'd all been cuddling on the couch, and I'd just gotten up for a couple minutes to do something in the kitchen area just a few feet away. To say I was "vying for attention" makes me sound like a skank, or rude at best. Bleh. There is love between all of us, I thought there was going to be mutual touching. No one had indicated otherwise at any time previous.

Oddly, when I think about it, it was Ginger's (later) stated intent to build a bond with miss pixi, but he ended up losing some of my trust in the process. And miss pixi called me selfish! Selfish because I wanted a fraction of the attention she was getting? Sheesh.
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