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I've participated in a number of threesomes in the past. Most were with my ex, but a few have been with my husband. I've done mmf and ffm threesomes. All of them went well.

EXCEPT the two attempts with my husband and boyfriend. Both were started by my husband, but only because he thought it would make me happy and both were failures in that they were awkward, uncomfortable and unsatisfying for at least one person.

Based on my experience, I would say that it's much easier to manage a threesome when

A) all parties are in agreement that they want to do it
B) it's play and not serious relationship combining
C) (and most importantly) there isn't a jealousy or competition issue between any of the people.

As for making out in front of others-
my boyfriend isn't insecure or possessive. It doesn't bother him in the least when my husband and I make out in front of him.
However, my husband tends to be very insecure and possessive, we have a rule that there is no sexual contact of any sort beyond a short peck style kiss and hugging allowed in front of him. There is no sex while he's in the house.

We all live together (and have for 10 years or so). boyfriend and I simply reconfigure our "playtime" for times when husband isn't in the house.

I think it's really a personal choice and sometimes a changing choice.

Husband had a girlfriend who I enjoyed watching him make out with. not out of expectation to participate, just true compersion for their enjoyment. He also had one who I was so disgusted and offended by that I ended up on anxiety medication and nearly hospitalized over.
It's all about communicating needs at the time and ensuring everyones needs are considered and dealt with.
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