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Originally Posted by ThatGirlInGray View Post
1) your husband and boyfriend are not in their own relationship.
2) it's YOUR house
3) I would assume you and Runic Wolf have communicated on this issue, regarding what he is and is not comfortable with and when.

So it's really apples and oranges. Instead of thinking about you making out with your boyfriend, imagine inviting your boyfriend and your girlfriend (assume you had one) over to spend some time with you at your house and THEY start making out, while you're expected to either watch or go to the office. You're in a relationship with BOTH of them, but are not included. Whether or not you'd be okay with it isn't even really the point- the point is whether or not it's fair for them to EXPECT you to be okay with it without communicating with you about it.
Actually no, we don't communicate about the specifics before hand. When we form relationships with people, we expect that there will be hugging, kissing, making out, sex, etc. That is what we view as being in a relationship with someone. All the communicating necessary in that regard, the majority of the time, is to let each other know we plan on starting a sexual relationship with someone either before it happens or shortly after it happens.

In my opinion, it seems a little like trying to put the genie back into the bottle to have a threesome with my loves and then tell them they couldn't have whatever relations they wanted to have w/o me. With Runic Wolf's last girlfriend, their first time was a foursome of sorts with her and her husband and I (though her husband and I never interacted in anyway with each other). I was in a relationship with both Runic Wolf and his girlfriend, but yes, I stayed downstairs and kept her kids and husband entertained on the xbox while they went upstairs to have sex without me in my bed even. *shrugs*

If I recall correctly, Mags and Ginger left Miss Pixie alone in another room of the apartment to go have sex w/o her. Later, Ginger thought that Mags was satisfied and so didn't pick up on her wanting to be involved in his encounter with Miss Pixie. To me that would be a valid thought. . . . I just had sex with my partner. She knows that her girlfriend and I are interested in each other and we've had a threesome before, so she won't mind if we fool around. Mostly likely, this was a fair assumption because they had talked about it. Unfortunately, we don't always know how we'll truly react, even if we assume we'll be okay with something as I told the OP.
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