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Originally Posted by Daffodil View Post

She hasn't really done anything to warrant my distaste but I do feel slightly threatened by her and her connection with my husband. I should thank her first; she inspired a competitive streak in me that never existed before and now I want my husband more than ever; not so much because I want him, but because I don't want her to have him.


I just don't want her around. How do I make my husband see the light here without issuing a veto?
A couple questions for you:
What light is it that you want your husband to see? You seem somewhat neutral about her actual character, but apparently there's some flaw or something that you wish your husband to notice.

Second, if you manage a veto, or even to get rid of her without one, what purpose would it serve? What advantage would you gain from their breakup?

Is the spite you express for her worth the misery that your husband will experience when they break up?
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