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Default Temporary Freak Out

Hey everyone, I was hoping to get some advice. I am going away this weekend. My wife, Skyla, has made plans per usual to hang out with her "friend" who she is interested in pursuing, dating, etc. Last night was the first time she told me out right that she was planning on "hooking up" with him while I was gone. I've accepted her exploring this part of her and exploring polyamory in general, but I can't help it that it's been eating me up inside all day. My question I guess, what did you do to help with those feelings when your spouse was first planning on being with someone else? I expressed my feelings about it and she wants to know how she can help too. I told her that I wanted to plan a specific time while I was away that we could catch up. Not specifically about what they are doing, but just to connect. I want to be cool with it, but I teeter on the verge of anger, jealously, normalcy, and acceptance.
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