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Default Date night and some preparations for the (future) baby

Well, here we are, two days after our 'big first date'. Hm, how should I phrase it …? I kind of spoiled my own fun a bit there.

I asked the men to switch the nights in advance (Sunday is Sward's night normally). That's why I woke up with Sward and went to the gym with him later. Lin had to get up when we left because someone has to watch our old dog, she goes berserk if she is left alone in one room and knows that someone of us is near but not with her. (And she always knows if someone is there or not ) I woke Lin up with some knocks on the door and a sharp “Are you already up? We are ready to leave.” Sward smirked and mumbles 'Ah, that's love, isn't it?' and imitated my tone. I was like 'Oh dear, did I really just forget about our anniversary?!' and stayed in front of his door to give him a 'congratulations-kiss', watched by Sward who silently laughed about me.

Lin didn't forget anything. When we came home, he had prepared some cake and coffee and welcomed us cheerfully. “For my primary and platonic secondary!” All of us started to laugh, great way to phrase it ^.^ We went to our dinner date later and I was waiting for the right feeling and mood to finally feel able to say those little three words. But it didn't happen. The evening was great, a bit unusual for me, because I am so used to Sward and my mood and routine when going out to eat that I kind of struggled with the unknown situation. In a way I think that going out for dinner will never be Lin's and my favorite activity. There are other things helping us to connect better and deeper. But the food was great and we talked jaunty, seriously and, of course , a bit flirtatious as well.

When we got back home I was kind of stressed, because 'the confession' didn't happen. I stayed like this for the rest of the night and still wasn't over this little voice in my head the next day. That's when I talked to Lin about the thing bugging me (as he noticed that something was going on, as always …). He scolded me for putting myself under pressure this much, that he thinks that the evening/day went great and that he himself knows that I love him. “Or at least that you really, really, reeeaaaally absolutely like me. It's OK don't worry this much, give yourself some time.” Guess what I did after those sweet and understanding words … *sigh* Why do my character and inner workings have to be this complicated? Such a hassle.


And something else: After our final 'baby talk' things are getting serious. Just one more week till the end of my pill-pack and then … ready to rumble I went to get my still due immunizations for tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis and polio. Went to ask my gynaecologist in regard to some pending questions and insecurities due to an old surgery I underwent and got a light folic acid supplement. When Sward saw that I was taking something to optimize our odds, he asked if there was something he could take as well. I smirked and bought him some vitamin dietary supplements with zinc and so on. Won't hurt, I guess ^.^

And I wanted to start a handwritten diary for the time during the pregnancy and maybe for the first months of the child as well. I love calligraphy, the way the medieval books were written. I spend the day searching for some leather bound books, but those are really rare as it seems in the bookstores nowadays. I found some in the right size on the net. Lin wants to illustrate and design the pages individually as well. I guess, it will be a little masterpiece as soon as we are done So looking forward to work on this project, I just have to find my old quill and other equipment for this, it disappeared after our renovation. I searched for some pictures. Those will (most likely) be our tools later on:

(Still indecisive concerning the blue or brown cover, but I am leaning towards the brown one. But the blue one reminds me of the magic rose of 'The Beauty and the Beast' ... can't decide )
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