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Hi there!

Thing is, I understand where you and your loves are coming from. From your perspective, you try your best to give them all EQUAL love. All we can ever do as human beings is to TRY. But the reality of it is, when you are with 'A' then 'B' and 'C' can't be with you and therefore their needs aren't met. Which might be advisable for them to have others to date, also. Again, when you are with one of them, say 'B', then you have to give 'B' all your attention out of respect. This is probably why they have said something about wishing you had a clone, because they probably want you around a lot. Which is nice, but also presents dilemmas.

This dilemma is what I am trying to understand when it comes to polyamory. How can jealousy be avoided and eliminated. It is so much easier said than done.
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