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Originally Posted by ThatGirlInGray View Post

Would you make out in front of friends at a dinner party? Well, maybe you would, but I wouldn't, I think it's awkward to do that around people you aren't planning on including. And in front of someone you're BOTH in a relationship with, how did Ginger think Mags wouldn't expect to be included??
Honestly, in my situation, the only place I can make out with my boyfriend is at my house; the house I share with my husband. And yes, I do make out with my boyfriend with no intent for my husband to join in on occasion. Because I don't want every experience with my boyfriend to be a threesome and it has been 2 years since his family's living situation was one where he and I could engage each other physically at his place. Around our friends, I could see it being awkward, but a) Runic Wolf likes to watch and b) if he doesn't feel like watching, he will usually go spend some time in his office to give us a chance for things to go further.
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