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Originally Posted by BrigidsDaughter View Post
Mags - I think part of the issue in your situation was that they weren't looking for it to be a threesome when you decided you wanted to join in. You saw them getting physical and turned on the mood enhancers for your own benefit and started trying to vie for attention. I'm sure that the first threesome went better because it was something you all started doing at the beginning.
That may be, but they were all at MAGS' house. His idea to focus on miss p was poorly timed and basically rude. And not communicating the idea at all with Mags was inconsiderate at best.

Also, even if he had checked with Mags and received her go-ahead to have time with miss p in her house without her involved, if you're not planning on including someone, DON'T DO IT IN FRONT OF THEM!

Would you make out in front of friends at a dinner party? Well, maybe you would, but I wouldn't, I think it's awkward to do that around people you aren't planning on including. And in front of someone you're BOTH in a relationship with, how did Ginger think Mags wouldn't expect to be included??

Again, the monster that is communication rears its head. And basic manners. Ginger dropped the ball, imo, no matter how benign his intentions.
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