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Mags - I think part of the issue in your situation was that they weren't looking for it to be a threesome when you decided you wanted to join in. You saw them getting physical and turned on the mood enhancers for your own benefit and started trying to vie for attention. I'm sure that the first threesome went better because it was something you all started doing at the beginning.

Personally, I love threesomes with my guys, but it doesn't always work out as planned. Especially when they aren't planned or discussed by all three of you. And yes, we occasionally fall into that trap of not talking about it, each of us with different expectations of what will happen that night. Runic Wolf is a voyeur, but as I've aged, my exhibitionist self has been less and less present, so occasionally, I feel uncomfortable that he is just watching and not joining in. Whereas, I am sure, in his mind he is participating.

MostlyClueless - We can't always know what our reactions will be before they happen. Don't feel guilty for your feelings. Own them, work through them, figure out what it was that triggered them, and talk with your partner about it. Either he will understand or he won't at first, he may need time of his own to think through it and come to a deeper understanding of what you experienced. You and he may have different expectations of what a threesome entails. I tend to be in the center of attention during threesomes with my guys, but when I've been in threesome with my husband and another woman, I try to make sure that he or she share the majority of the attention b/c I already get that feeling elsewhere.

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