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Funny! I was thinking about starting a thread with a similar premise, entitled "How in the hell do you do triads?" Think I'll just glom onto this one instead.

Background, I am a cis-gendered woman, genderqueer though, in a relationship with a transwoman, miss pixi. We've been together 3 1/2 years, deeply in love. I've been dating men since she and I met, but no one really worked out until January of this year, when I met The Ginger. He is a cis-gendered male, but IDs as genderqueer like me. We are all pansexual.

Turns out, miss pixi and Ginger are attracted to each other, liking the same qualities in each other that I like in both. miss p and I have dated separately since we met, she's had 2 bfs in the past 3 yrs but isn't seeing anyone else right now.

Her sex drive comes and goes, but Ginger is a horndog, like me. He expressed being open to sex with miss p, in a 3some configuration, because he likes feeling "overwhelmed" during sex. Plus, he just likes her a lot and thinks she's adorable.

So, we've had 3some sex twice in the past month or so. I agreed to it with trepidation because my attempts at 3 or 4somes in the past have not worked out well.

So, the first time went quite well. Last Friday it happened again. miss p was at my place, and Ginger was coming over. She was nervous beforehand, since she was feeling "pressured" to have sex with him/us. I assured her I wasn't highly motivated to do it either. Relax. It could end up we all just snuggle on the couch and watch a movie.

So, he came over around 3 and we all went for a swim at a local lake. When we got home, Ginger and I went to the guest room and had sex, while miss p went to change, and ended up taking an hour nap. After all that, we ate dinner.

Then, some cuddling on the couch together. I was up and down, finishing up kitchen cleanup. I looked over from the kitchen area to the living area in the great room and to my surprise, those two were making out madly.

I was pretty satisfied from my session with Ginger, but interested in joining in. So, I lit a candle and some incense to increase the romantic feeling, for my own benefit. Went over to the couch but they both ignored me. Ginger had slid to his knees in front of her. I got behind him and kinda rubbed on him, touched his ass etc. Didnt get an acknowledgment.

So I got up on the couch next to miss p. They kept on doing their thing. She looked at me and smiled, but Ginger was busy doing stuff to her. Finally miss p and I started kissing and Ginger noticed and seemed to enjoy the sight.

So, he got in 69 position over us and that was fun. I finally got some direct sexual stimulation. but the position was awkward on the couch and so I suggested moving to the bed, thinking there would be room for 3way sex play there.

However when we got in bed, Ginger went back to paying attention only to miss p, and I was kind of off to the sidelines once again. Finally I stroked her and made her cum. Then Ginger seemed done as well (he didnt cum, but he isnt orgasm focused). She was in the middle and we cuddled, but I was turned on, hadn't cum yet (and I am a multi/mega orgasmic woman...) I had to ASK Ginger to get me off. He said, "But then I have to stop looking into someone's eyes." Her eyes.

But he complied and I had my spasms.

So, after that he was ready for bed. I spent the night w miss p and he slept in the guest room. In the morning I went in to him and we had a nice session.

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