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Originally Posted by Chimera View Post
Cindie, yes that's what I wish I could say. Exactly that.

I'm feeling like any response is interpreted as me feeling insecure/jealous OR being disapproving and not there for him (happened last time). And, his reassurance mode is creeping me out.
It sucks when people terrorize us with their reactions. It's quite passive aggressive if that is how he goes about it. Sounds like he's rather immature and insecure.

Originally Posted by Chimera View Post
Every exchange seems more weighted with meaning and there's more misunderstanding. I think if we had been together for a long time before the distance, it might have been different.
. . . And, as Cindie reminded me, I should be able to state my needs in the relationship directly.
Maybe this isn't the LDR, or just plain relationship, for you. I think, when the scales tip in the direction of being less fun and satisfactory and too much work for too little reward, then perhaps the relationship is over.
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