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Your brother has never been in a romantic relationship, and yet he chooses to judge your choices in your own relationships?

You say he practically raised you... yet you mention your father. I am guessing your brother is quite a bit older than you. How old is he? What has prevented him from mating? He comes over "too much," he sets himself down in front of your TV and plays video games for nights on end? Your relationships put him in a mental hospital?

Sounds like this guy needs help. He's the last person you should be trying to please as far as relationships go.

Sure, it's sad to be on the outs with a person you used to be very close with. But you're an adult, you're making choices about how to live your life that are different than the choices he's made. At least you have 2 men in your life... he doesn't have a partner at all! I'm sorry, but he sounds like the less mature one in this scenario. Definitely in no place to judge.
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