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Default Is this that jealousy thing that people talk about?

This is kind of an unusual story, but I haven't been in many monogamous relationships in my adult life. My husband and I have been together for about five years and have had an open relationship for most of that time. I can say honestly that I've never felt any jealousy about him being with other women. He's my husband and of course he likes me the best - I have no worries or fears.

I have just started seeing this guy, A. I really like A, and it's so much fun to be with someone new. He mentioned that he's also seeing my friend C. Awesome - C is great.
But tonight C texted me about being with A, and it made me feel terrible. I can't stop getting down on myself about how C's body is so much nicer than mine, and that I must seem boring in comparison to her with her cool, impressive job.

Why do I even care? I am already married! Even if A does think C is hotter and more interesting than I am, he's certainty entitled to - I'm more into my husband than I am into A. I've never really felt jealous before, and I hate that I'm wasting my time being unhappy. How do I get over it?
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