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Gia and I spent the evening together tonight, working on a crafting project. Eric went out with Bee to visit some friends, so it was just her and me. I was briefly tempted to try to lure her into the bedroom, but we actually really needed to finish the project.

We were working quietly in different rooms at one point, music playing on Eric's computer. She came into the room where I was working and stood in the doorway. I was sitting on the floor, taking a short break from what I was doing and drinking some water. "I brought a piece of tape!" she said. I looked up. She was holding a piece of blue masking tape. I was puzzled, but then it came together, something about the way she was holding it, its size, the way she was looking at me. I felt myself get warm. I lowered the water bottle I was holding. "You can take another sip," she said, so I did. I wiped my mouth on my shirt. Then she came over and put the tape over my mouth. She looked very pleased with herself.

Once she was sure that it was on right and that I was good with this situation, she left the room to go back to her work. I sat there, dumbfounded for a moment. I had this sudden, irrational fear that I would show her my work on the project and it would turn out that I'd fucked up somehow and she would be annoyed with me and I wouldn't be able to apologize or explain. The frisson of this strange concern just added to my engagement with the situation. I pulled out my phone and took a few pictures of myself with the tape over my mouth. It suddenly occurred to me that she might come back in and find me doing this instead of working and not approve. I quickly put the phone away, feeling another strange moment of fear/excitement at the idea of her being upset at me when I was silenced.

Once I finished what I was doing, I came into the room where she was and we worked together for a while. My silence wasn't much of a barrier, I only had to write her a note once. Mostly we were quiet, or she spoke of this and that and I made little "mmm" sounds in response. A song came on that I've loved for many, many years. When it was over, she called me to her. She told me that that song had always made her think of her relationship with a particular female ex of hers, a friend from college that I also know, from whom she is estranged, and who I know she misses (not Jen, the woman that she and Eric both dated, this pre-dated that). She said that when she hears the song now, it makes her think of us instead. The tape was still staying in place because it was stuck to my cheeks, but it had long since come loose around my lips. I nuzzled her hair and told her, quietly, "I'm glad."

When Eric was getting home, she asked if I wanted the tape to come off. I murmured a question, "Is it all the same to you?" She said yes, that I could take it off myself, or she could take it off for me, or I could keep it on as long as I wanted. I had been so afraid that she would want me to take it off, that she would somehow not want Eric to see this thing between us. I wanted him to see, I didn't want to feel in any way like it was a secret. I needed to know that she embraced what we were doing as much as I did. And I wanted Eric to see it on another level because I wanted to gauge his reaction, wanted to know he was comfortable with it. He smiled at me and seemed normal and relaxed.

I cleaned their kitchen while Gia did some work on my bit of the project, Eric ran out to the store, and Bee snoozed. Gia took off the tape shortly after, because she needed my opinion on something, and at that point it was fine with me, I was ready to let it go.

It feels almost too intimate to write this all out here, and I hope that Gia will forgive me for sharing if she ever reads this, but I wanted so much to record this and to let you all know how happy I am tonight.

Edited to add: A part of me knows that this probably reads as either ridiculous or just confusing to most people who aren't into D/s? It's hard to explain why this was such a big deal.
Me, 30ish bi female, been doing solo poly for roughly 5 years. Gia, Clay, and Pike, my partners. Davis, ex/friend/"it's complicated." Eric, Gia's husband. Bee, Gia and Eric's toddler.

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