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Hi All,
Thanks for taking the time to read my post. This is my first post as this is my first day on this or any other poly related site.
Ok first of I am married. My husband and I are 24 and 25 we have been married about 3 years but have been together going on 7 years. We also have 2 beautiful children together.
My husband and I are always open and honest with each other. For a long time we have joked about having someone else come into our relationship but as time goes by we realize that it was less a joke and more true desires coming out. After a lot of talking we have come to the decision that yes we love each other but we feel we have more love to give and feel that maybe another couple would be best for us in the sense that we want more but we still want each other.
Not necessarily for sex but more for companionship or that other level. I don't want to become some "swinger" switching partners for the fun of it, If that makes any sense. Sex is a plus don't get me wrong but its not a necessity.
Our problem is we don't know how to meet like minded couples or how to start this whole process.
Thanks so much for your time and opinions.

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