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Default Introduction...! "hello all"

Hello All,

My husband and I have been polyamorous for a few months now and I've just recently felt like reaching out to more than simply the few people I know. Glad to be here!

Poly fit well for us, not that we knew it until it hit us, but I've always felt very open and that love isn't something that should come with any demands. I'd always told my husband he could love someone else or make love to someone else, mostly because he didn't have the time pre-marriage that I did (not that mine was extensive). I recently had the sentiment given to me, and it has felt wonderful.

It's been as much a personal journey as a marriage journey, re-learning old skills about communication and learning skills I should have been working on like patience! I see my life very clearly now as a very good one, and if it was to be considered a beautiful work of art before, poly has simply made the colors more vibrant (Fauvism to Impressionism for those artsy intellectuals =).

I'm looking forward to getting some support here and having more people in my corner!

Have a great day!
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