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I tend to go for men very similar in personality to Keith. Slightly geeky, but interested in outdoorsy stuff, too.

In women, I tend to go for moms. lol Not sure why - maybe it's because I'm a little bit needy and am attracted to the nurturing spirit most mothers have.A guy being good with kids is a major turn on, too. I don't enjoy too many chick flick kind of movies or too much fluff reading (erotica = good, lame romance novels = only good every so often), so a woman similar to me in those interests is a plus.

I don't like too much muscle tone in my men or women. Fit is fine. 6 pack abs, not so much. I like people a bit taller than me, but not too tall (I'm 5'3" so past 6' is too tall for my taste). Other than that... I'm not a huge fan of facial hair. Physically, my tastes vary so much it's ridiculous. It's really the personality that matters to me.
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