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It's cool to see poly in the more mainstream media in general but I do agree, this looks very sex-focused and there is a bit of a disconnect in the overtly (almost exclusively) sexual imagery in the promo but the talk is about love. While I am all for sex-positivity, I think it can be a very fine line to toe with something like this and I fear the media may err on the side of exploiting the sex over really exploring the full intimate relationships. We'll hafta wait and see on that. I've set my DVR and will definitely check it out.

I'm not crazy about the "Married and Dating" subtitle, personally. I guess if it were part of an ongoing series where each 'season' had a different focus or something that might be cool but I don't like the insinuation that poly = open marriage. And I'm not nuts about the triad appearing to be represented by a 2 + 1 dynamic. I hope that's not how it is presented. If so, would like to see a 1+1+1 dynamic represented in addition.
I guess I take personal exception to that as a bit of a "unicorn" myself. Last thing I need is for that to be people I know's mainstream intro to a poly triad. Lol. It's already hard enough for them to wrap their brains around it being a relationship that happens to involve three people, not a couple plus me.

I'm very curious to see how this show is presented. I have my reservations but would love to be proven wrong and see it done well. I just think that poly needs more than a few 30min shows about a couple of open marriages to be given a fair shake.
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