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Default interesting question about polyandry, primarily for females

I was wondering about polyandry and also sexuality in general, and wanted female perpective on this. for the sake of the discussion, take a relationship involving one women and two males. For the women out there, in your perfect ideal world, would you want the guys to also have a relationship with each other, or date you separately? I know there are many factors at play, such as the orientation of the guys etc, but taking all other considerations out of it, how would you prefer it? would your preference be different if it was just a one night hookup with two guys? I am guessing there will be a great varety of thoughts on this. It is an interesting question to me, because it seems that in the mainstream world, two women together, in a threesome context or otherwise, are "hot" and two guys interacting sexually in any way is gross. Not sure why this double standard exists, but i believe it is because if women are turned on by two men interacting sexually, either in a threesome or just performing for her enjoyment, it seems as though they are objectifying those men like pieces of meat. I believe most of society, including alot of women, is conditioned to be uncomfortable with that. thoughts?
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