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Originally Posted by YamZenitram View Post
I've been in an LD (off and on) poly relationship for 5 years. We're currently going through our longest haul - 10 hour time difference, 5,000 mile flight - for nearly a year now.

I have had a few experiences where my observations or other feelings were overlooked for the reason that I may or may not be feeling jealous - a feeling I believe to be completely natural, maybe most especially in an LDR situation, when I'm not attending to my relationship as much as I normally would. In those instances, the obvious point was being overlooked.


Not sure how helpful that is - this is just my experience - But maybe now you feel like you aren't the only one?
Hi, thanks for the response. I think the conclusion I'm coming to is that this may have to do with the LDR nature of it. Your story helped me sift through. Maybe I've hit a bit of a wall with it because as we've become closer emotionally, we're not close enough to be able just to get together and talk more naturally. Every exchange seems more weighted with meaning and there's more misunderstanding. I think if we had been together for a long time before the distance, it might have been different.
I wonder if having LDR is going to be just too hard for me to sustain?

Also helpful to be reminded that people's choices and mistakes are their own. I do have a protective streak in me that I know comes from not having been protected as a child. And, as Cindie reminded me, I should be able to state my needs in the relationship directly.
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