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Default Where You Crack

Just unloading some of my wierd collection of poems on you' all!


No, I can't stay in this sexual position.

I don't really think I'm a part of this mission.

I hear that you told everyone we weren't kissing,

Maybe you should start charging admission.

No it wasn't a joke, and this isn't a game.

Do you think that I'll lie to preserve your good name?

Well woman, I won't. Because you aren't the same.

And if the truth hurts his eyes then I hope he looks away.


(From) You.

You never listen to me.

You never wanted to be

The beautiful goddess He wanted you to.

I won't pretend I don't see,

You're such a poison to me.

That's what you are.

And the cost of me is you.

You think that if I walk away you'll get better.

But when have you once in your life gotten better?

Only when people like people like me and the Other,

Carried you home on our backs and our shoulders.

Is that what you call love where we give and you take?

And you collect all the crisis of those who must fake,

Their pathetic exsistance for hearts that they break?

Is your healing the best damn excuse you can make?


(For) You.

Everytime that you cry its so sad I sit back,

And laugh til I scream so that nothing will crack,

Inside me in that space shaped like you, painted black,

Where I try to make up for the power you lack.
With all my heart I will love and not fail,
With all my soul I will fly and not fall.
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