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As for the parenting analogy, any kid my wife and I have would be the child of both of us, meaning it'd be something we'd both be strongly involved with, not a separate relationship that one of us is building while the other is off at work. I favor the idea of equally shared parenting, where both parents strive to dedicate similar amounts of time to child rearing, home making, and work outside the home, regardless of difference in salary. If I have kids, which I plan to, I want to be very involved in raising them. Ideally Ginko and I will reach a point where we can each work less than full time, and we're pursuing careers that should make this doable.

I'm often in favor of the idea of sticking to having one kid, but suspect we'll see how Ginko feels after the first and whether or not she strongly wants any more at that point. She was an only child, and I feel my parents should have stuck to one as well, even if it wasn't me. The poly equivalent for child rearing might be said to be megafamilies, as described in A Sane Woman's Guide to Raising a Large Family. I enjoy reading books/articles on both only child and many child families. It seems both can work.
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