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Quietly tired and happy tonight after a full and fun weekend.

Mono and I went to visit our old friends from the days of him living on his own and when I first met him. We had a fun night of tequila shots and a good laugh. They wanted us to stay the night as is customary, but I am glad we didn't as Saturday was busy and eventful.

We did house stuff and garden stuff until the evening when Mono and I went to watch the UFC fights at a local pub near our house. PN had a friend over and LB was out so we all got to do what we wanted.

In the evening I took Mono to a burlesque party for a local starlet who was having a birthday. I felt honoured to of been asked as she is something of a star around here and besides, I like hanging out with the people that went.

Later we went to the gay bar for dancing and to celebrate pride weekend. Mono and I brought the place down at the end of the night long after all the others left. We used to dance there in our early days and it had been a long time. We had some long loving kisses and dancing together and it made me forget all the lack of trust I have been feeling for a time. I felt him loving me strongly and was grateful.

Mono enjoyed being hit on by the men and I enjoyed attention from a cute baby dyke who was so young! Like 20? She obviously didn't see very clearly in the dark and had had too much to drink. She poured her beer in my shoe when she leaned over to ask me to dance. It made me laugh and remember my youth as a young butchy lesbian back in the day trying to court the more fem types. Boy things have changed!

Today we went to the pride parade and met up with loads of friends and people from my past lesbian days. I love meeting them there every year and re-connecting. We put a blanket down in front of the stage and had lots of visitors. Including Ken and Brad (and his family). Who finally met! They seemed to get on okay. Early days yet, but they both made an effort to speak with one another and that meant a lot to me. I love them both, but in different ways, and I love to see people I love meeting and spending time together.

Derby came and snuggled with me on the blanket after her derby girl parade skating. I was dressed in my burlesque persona and we walked around hand in hand derby girl and burlesquer all smiley and happy to spend some time together. We had a cuddle and talk and some lipstick smearing kissing on the blanket while Mono watched out the corner or his snoozy eye. He had been napping in the sun with a restless LB crawling all over him.

PN took off for what seemed like hours to chat up a woman he likes and to visit a friend and when he came back we headed out for a coffee at a local coffee shop before coming home for a BBQ and a quiet night nursing our sun-soaked selves....

Not bad for a weekend. I am happy and feel grounded. Apart from some conversations about phone usage and what is going on for Mono and his connection with his friend (both of which kept me from sleeping. I just don't sleep now when the whole topic comes up), the weekend was virtually process free for the first time in ages. For two days almost solidly I had no discussion or process to go through with any of my loves. Surprising and a welcome break. I am sure that trend will end shortly. It always does. More loves? More process. Just how it is.
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