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Default Margin of Error Quote

A newbie posted a link to another site and I went to check it out (very interesting actually) Found this quote and laughed out loud. Ah yes-so pertinent to the board in these trying days.
Giggle Giggle Giggle.

Sometimes a person chooses the wrong words. This is forgivable, especially if they try to find the right ones once they realize the error. The usefulness of a discussion is directly proportional to the allowance of this margin of error.

Especially in the heat of the moment, a person can use words that were unintended or that were not useful, helpful, or kind. As long as you focus on the goal of the discussion, then recovery from such accidents is fairly painless.

Interrupting someone is always impolite. This is not to say it shouldn't be done, but that it should be done sparingly, with respect to the person interrupted, and only when necessary.

Here's a good example: "I'm sorry, I know you're right in the middle of this explanation and I want to understand it, but I have to pee right now! Can you hang on for five minutes?"
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