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generally speaking I call them all simply "my loves", when speaking specifically about one or the other I say hubby, hubby of heart and wifey, or call them by the nicknames we use for each other i.e. hubby of heart I refer to as Darque Prince or DP, hubby I refer to as Bubba most often, and wifey I would refer to as sweetling, Ash, Shadoe or her given name, depends on whom I'm talking to really, but for most regular conversations with anyone its simply "my loves"

I don't care for the primary/secondary terms and none of these people are simply my bf/gf so I don't call them that, while I do like the terms hubby of heart and wifey, I can obviously only be married to one so its not technically accurate either, not to mention before my ladylove passed it wasnt legal in either of our states to marry same sex

until some better word/phrase/description comes about, for me "my loves" is the best, most accurate, least offensive to anyone involved statement I can make and I really like how it sounds
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