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Default Looking Back

It was very interesting reading the last posts, it's been over two years since they were written.

Shortly after the last post, T and I ended our relationship. I think he very much wanted to be poly but was more interested in swinging and we were starting to resent each other a lot. It wasn't a good end and a lot of harsh words were said on both ends. It took a year before we could talk but we're on friendly terms right now even if we're not friends.

I haven't seen J since the night after things with T ended due to a text message being sent. Basically a lot of feelings were hurt and I ended up taking a year away from dating, romance and anything to do with other people in that area of my life. It was probably one of the best things I've done since the year spent in Montreal was one of the worst of my life. Everything went wrong and I came back feeling completely broken and unsure of who I was. It took the better part 2011 to heal and each day has been better and better since thanks to some very loving friends and relatives.

One of these friends is named K and I'd had a crush on him since meeting him last year. After enjoying him as a friend for the better part of a year we began dating each other. In many ways we are each other's opposite, K identifies as completely monoamorous and while he accepts that I am not we are attempting a monosexual relationship. So far it has been surprisingly easy, however K is tree planting in northern Alberta for the whole summer (25 more days!). Usually I get to talk to him for an hour every five days, though this week it is looking like it will be a ten day stretch.

And I've developed feelings for G, a man I worked with earlier this summer. K and G are totally aware of each other's presence and significance, G is okay with just being friends though we both have stronger feelings than just friendship. They are both such good people in my life, I love being able to spend time with each of them and make them happy. They make me feel loved and safe and I am really hoping that when K comes back we will all be able to spend time together, however that remains to be seen.

Anyway, this is where things are right now. I am very happy to be back on the forum again and seeing how it has grown and changed.
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