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Default Theraputic

I had less than a perfect childhood. Severe abuse. It wasnt until I was 48 that I really opened up to a therapist about how fd up I was. To my surprise the prescription was to join a naturist club to overcome my shame of being naked. It was perfect. I learned that there is a thin line between sensual and sexual thoughts and feelings and to never be ashamed of either but to know the difference between the two.

Its dawned on me while interacting with someone who Ive fallen madly in love with that this forum is a virtual naturist community.

It has been extremely therapeutic for me. Thank you all so much for taking your emotional clothes off. Youre all very beautiful, by the way.

Having an open marriage is nothing to be ashamed about. There is no analogy between illegal (true definition of immoral) sexual activity and an open marriage.

Perhaps your brother is uncomfortable with your willingness to expose a part of you that you are very happy about as most would be uncomfortable if we invited them to join us at the local nudist colony for a quick game of volleyball.

Were in one of the most repressive cultures that have ever existed.

I hope you find a way to help your brother see more than anything else how much you love him. And hopefully he will return that love even if hes not capable of exposing himself.
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