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I believe she said that she also has a secondary and yes, I agree that making a list of demands sounds very disrespectful. However, about 7 months into our relationship, Wendigo and Pretty Lady sent us an e-mail stating that they had talked and asking if we could take a break from the sexual part of our relationship until we were all satisfied that our primary relationships were healthy; she had some concerns about our relationship and Wendigo was especially concerned that he had not had the energy to celebrate his birthday with Pretty Lady because we'd worn him out the night before. Our mutual goal was to enhance our relationships, not take away from them. Runic Wolf and I sat down and talked about their concerns and addressed them in our own e-mail (it's next to impossible for Pretty Lady to get free time for face to face conversation) and we moved forward a few weeks later, but it was definitely a couple centric way of doing things, but it was one that worked for us.
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