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My bf's live-in SO and I are quite different.

We do share many similar traits - big hearts, educated, intelligent strong minds, physically fit and attractive.

Yet we are so different from each other.

She is a tall, thin, blond; more subdued personality.

I am shorter, not as thin but fit, athletic, curves that he worships. Brunette, girls girl - nails, hair, makeup, heels... I'm not subdued at all, quite energetic, animated, silly. He calls me his little Muppet.

We are so different yet he loves us both and what we each offer in our time together.

But speaking of types, my reason for posting is to share a joke that he and I share often. His past gf's have mostly been brunettes. One looked quite a bit like me (albeit younger!), but 3 of us have variations of the same name. We often joke, same look, same hair, same name, (they have the same first name, I have it as my middle name)..... coincidence, fetish, or type ????
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