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Ive headed away with my kids on a holiday today for 5 days which will be a nice break, but this weekend had big discussion with all 3 of us and made some progress. Bf has admitted to us that he would like to spend the whole night with me at times, gf still feels very agiatated by this, although she says she knew it was coming. He only wants to do this if she not too unhappy about it. But for now we gona go for the option of me sleeping in their bed for longer periods, even whole night when my son not there. She wants this to happen, and if she cant sleep and gets up to read in the lounge i have to stay in the bed instead of what i usually do which is head straight back downstairs as soon as she gets up. Everyones ideas here have been very useful. Id often feel like im onlt getting scraps and leftovers, although i do have an amazingly intense, beautiful love life, and sex life with my bf which im very gratefu for.
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