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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
So let go on the sleep thing and work more toward this? If the kids/other people seeing is a prob -- is living elsewhere a solution? So he can come to your space and you guys get alone time without other eyes around? A house with a mother-in-law cottage in back? Neighboring apartments?

Ive tried a few times to make the break to living on my on, and as much as i know how much this would upset my bf, he has been behind me, as in beleiving it would be better ror me to be independant as he knows how hard it is for me, but each time i try, funnily enough it is my gf who fights to keep ke living with them. And as much as i want to be brave and go it alone, it would break my heart to move out. As for a place with a granny flat etc, yes, weve discussed it, but not financially viable right now. It would be better for my kids too
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