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Originally Posted by MeeraReed View Post
-I think they talked a lot and redefined their relationship and strengthened their feelings for each other.
I think they strengthened their feelings for each other, too. But that's still somewhat irrelevant to the veto. They didn't strengthen their feelings for each other so much that they decided to be exclusive with each other or that they decided they would only build sexual but not emotional relationships with others. They are still polyamorous in intent. The goal is still to have meaningful, loving relationships with other people.

She might be a little bit more, "I love you more than I thought I did," but their structure is the same. He's (theoretically, anyway) allowed to fall in love with another woman. I mean, I think she does think she wants him to be able to have relationships with other women; she just wants to monitor closely that the other woman doesn't feel too threatening. Who knows.

I've talked to many of my friends about this, too, and they have the funniest responses to it. At least one told me, "You want to make sense out of it, 'cause that's how you are; things have to make sense. But this isn't about reasonable decisions. It's all coming from emotions."

One of my friends told me that she predicted they'd go through maybe one or two more rounds of a me-situation, with her freaking out when he likes another woman, and him finally saying "WTF?" She said she thought they'd eventually un-poly themselves, or start having escorts instead of trying to be poly.

Who knows. Like everyone has been saying, they're new to it. She's new to it. I'm still surprised that these kinds of precautions and controlling are necessary.
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