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Originally Posted by Arrowbound View Post
Not to me. It's unrealistic to expect my SO not to look at other women, and it's unrealistic for him to expect me not to look at other men or women. Illogical, irrational, etc. I've told a girlfriend of my view on this before and she agreed but acknowledged that she still can't handle being witness to an SO looking at anyone else. To each their own I guess.
I second this.

Expecting no looking to occur = ridiculous. It's pretty much an automatic reflex for most people, and while it can be controlled to a certain extent, more than likely it's always going to happen unless a person keeps his or her head down and never looks at anyone.

Expecting a partner to be respectful about it = fair.

Polypenguin - I would say if you're making it obvious that you're checking others out or making comments about others being hot all the time, it's not cool. If she just watches for signs that you're doing it, that's her problem.
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