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Originally Posted by Phy View Post
Just wanted to second Emm. (Whose post is miraculously gone ...?)
Sorry, I deleted it as I thought it was erring on the side of unnecessary snarkiness. I hoped I'd done it soon enough after posting that both it's existence and sudden absence would remain unnoticed.

To summarise, my point was that Polypenguin often seems to post hoping that most of the replies will be of the type he can use to convince GeneBean that she's Doing Poly Wrong. My suggestion was that he stop relying on the opinions of internet strangers and try to solve the problems that actually exist rather than trying to find some kind of poly group-think he can then use to browbeat his GF into seeing things his way.

Phy, feel free to un-second me if my re-write veered too far from my original post.
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