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I think it's just human nature to notice and admire others. Their beauty, personality, skills, knowledge, whatever.

Just because you feel an emotion doesn't mean you have to DO anything about it. You don't choose to feel it. You just feel whatever you feel when you feel it.

What you do get to choose is how to respond -- you choose to REACT to the emotion or ACT WITH INTENT.

And in my case, I choose to enjoy the passing feeling and let it go. Sometimes I share the feeling with DH and he's amused. Sometimes I do not and enjoy it blowing on through by myself. Crushes are fun but they don't have to mean anything or go anywhere.

It's not a threat or a bother or anything. Neither of us feels uncomfortable with it. We both feel it's just passing emotion, and we're both secure in ourselves and in each other. We're not in an open time right now, so it's a non-issue. And if we were in an open time, we trust to bring it up to the partner, process, and get the green light first before trying to act on it in a different way than just choosing let it blow on through.


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