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Yay, I get to see rory soon! Yay, she's most likely moving to Dream City! Happy happy happy!!

Today I got a real wave of appreciation toward rory when I realised how easy she is to understand. It's not that we just get each other instantly every time we talk about something but it's the fact that she's willing to explain herself very thoroughly so that I can almost always get on the same page with her eventually. She always answers my questions and I do ask quite a lot of them. Sometimes I get a bit frustrated with Bob because he's not like that at all. I would like to get to know him better in order to build a deep friendship that would last even though we're going to be in different countries soon. But he has built walls around him and it's not easy to get through them. He thinks that I sometimes ask too many personal questions and that I try to get too close to him when he doesn't know yet how much of himself he wants to reveal to me. He says he gets to know people by observing them. I think that leaves too much chance for misinterpretation and that's why I prefer asking direct questions and giving honest answers. So we're somewhat incompatible in our communication methods, it seems. Well, we'll see how all this unfolds in the near future.
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