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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
I was looking at it as a math problem ....finding time elsewhere. Why do you you thinking hobbies have to be social ?

Oh, they don't have to be. Videogame hobby isn't social> I'm just saying-that's his only hobbies. I don't care if they are social or not-but he struggles to meet people-because he would have to talk to someone to meet them.

Originally Posted by turtleHeart View Post
You mention that Maca will talk to someone for months before you know anything about them. Would it be possible for you to be let in on some details about them along the way so that by the time he meets them you aren't so out of sync?
Once, yes. The last girl. Generally, he doesn't talk to anyone. But, yes he did and yes he could have talked to me. I'm not even really sure why he didn't or why he didn't introduce us-becuase she and I had a LOT in common, but the key thing that created the explosion was the misinformation that was shared because of the segregation.

Just learning through experience I guess.
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