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Originally Posted by papolycouple View Post
Thank you everyone for your comments. This issue going to be settled once and for all this week. We are all having a meeting and my bf and I have created a document that spells out our demands with our secondaries. If no one complies we will be ending the relationships with all parties.
WOWZA!!! Demands, really? Shit. The Holy Dyad indeed. No asking your secondaries for their lists of "demands" and seeing where you can meet in the middle? No negotiating at all? No conversation? Just "our way or the highway?" I hope, for their sakes, your secondaries have the gumption to break up with you on the spot for being presented with demands instead of being approached with issues that need working on and asked to collaborate together on finding ways for everyone to be happy. Your bf's other gf did seem to exhibit some carelessness, but perhaps it bothered you more because you don't feel she deserves to even think she has a place in his life. Doesn't everyone you're involved with deserve respect? Sheesh, I hope this was just badly worded here and it isn't really how you talked to her (or them - you mentioned secondaries, so not sure how many there are).
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