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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
The "barraks" in our group, is anyone with any tent space (or even bed space as some show up with beds that literally sleep 3) and gender is completely irrelevant. Then again, most of the group would be bored out of there mind if there was a no drama rule.
We actually have an old army canvas tent for the barraks. Females are required to sleep in their own tents and the equipment tent is available to all the single guys if they want to bring a female back for sexual purposes. Couples have their own tents obviously. Our unit leader has approved of guys moving out of the barracks if they can provide their own period tent. So next year Wendigo and a long time friend of ours will be getting one. Both feel that they're getting too old for the shenanigans that go on in the barracks tent with the younger guys.

The no drama thing is really about respect. Last year we had a 19 year old come with us and he ended up trying to out drink a guy twice his age, refused to stop drinking until said older man went to bed, was hydrophobic, couldn't take basic care of himself - had to be forcibly removed from the field after getting 2nd degree sunburn because he needed to be the bigger man, etc. And then, another one of our unit members kept giving another man's wife alcohol after he'd been told to stop by her husband b/c she doesn't know her own limits. She kept asking and he kept serving.

So the rule this year was don't cause drama, don't fuck with sleeping/ passed out people, respect people's boundaries, don't fuck with people's spouses/ significant others, and no flashing (because some of us work together and are not comfortable knowing what each other look like naked.)
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