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Ayla came home in the arvo. She and Patch had been out back at the party smoking. Must have not seen them in the shadows, whoops. Figured there would be something like that but couldn't work it out by myself.

Ah, I have plenty to get sorted before I travel (under three weeks now). Not like I have time to deal with the complexities of this. Surely over-thinking things anyway... Well. It's more that I find all of this very interesting. That's one thing Carob and I have in common - a consuming passion for vivisecting social phenomena.

Anyway, Ayla's probably gonna be still in this city by the time I get back from holiday. And the timing may be better then, to examine things, cos she and Patch would've had some solid time to figure how things are rolling between them.

K, settling down to watch a movie in bed with Sago. Cosy!
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