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Oh, sorry! Haven't had the energy to write (full time volunteering) and don't have that much now, but I'll update the news.

It is looking very much like me and Alec will be moving to Dream City soon, after all!! I got into a very good university there, so I won't be too sad about leaving the one I'm in now. There's a bit of the finances to sort out still, but if nothing unexpected happens, we'll move. That means we'll be moving basically at the same time with Mya. I'm very excited but also quite scared.. On one hand, it is unbelievably cool when so many of the things that I want may be coming true, but, on the other, it is also really scary because there's still a lot of uncertainty about how we will be able to support ourselves staying in Wonderland.

But I do realise something. I am keeping myself from being too excited so that the possible disappointment wouldn't hurt as much. And that makes no sense. Firstly, it will hurt either way. Secondly, doing that I won't get to feel the excitement and joy, and I can't enjoy even the time that I do have if I stress about the what ifs.

So, yay!!
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