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That's awesome about organizing the fishing gear. DH is not into anything I can organize right now -- he's on video games and that's pretty much organized already. You reminded me of a time when I went and rearranged furniture in the house so all this music stuff was in one room like a mini studio though. I forgot about that one! He called to tell me he was coming him and I told him to stay away and not come back until I said to (because it was taking me longer than I thought!) He was amused.

Pillow talk time is fun -- recently we played it out like "truth or dare" and got to ask probing questions and dance like chickens. But I like that a lot too -- close heart-to-heart talks.

He likes quality time the best in terms of love languages and I've arranged for a kid-free weekend later this month. We've got some activities planned but I kind of wanted to have something small as an extra surprise. I'm just not sure WHAT.

I know just making the kid free weekend happen is a huge gesture of appreciation. I also know I don't NEED to do anything else.

But I'll all giddy like a kid. Hee hee. And I WANT to. So... yah. Stumper to think of something!

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