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Hello ladies and gents. We've been lurking in the shadows here for a while now and actually singed up a coupl weeks ago but never got around to the posting part, until now that is.

Although this seems to be the place to come with your questions, and elicit some of the most thought provoking responses. We just don't seem to have any good questions at the moment. I would like to thank you all for beinng so open, honest, and kind with your words. Its very uplifting in such a negative world most of the time to see people being kind and empathetic to one another.

We are currently a sorta triad. Myself S and my wife (of 9yrs) M and our (mostly her) partner (for the last 6 months) E. We have a very close bond and enjoy the company of one another a great deal. We all look forward to more from this site and the folks on it. Should we find a need to seek out advice it will surely be here. Simply reading through old posts has helped us so much to realize and pin point what it is that we want, need, and desire from our relationship together.


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