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Last night we finally got around to allowing Nathan to watch myself and Scott having sex. It's something I've been putting off because I wasn't 100% sure about it.

It was awesome, and I have to admit I found it to be very erotic, and a big turn-on for me to have Nathan watching us. Scott was also very into it, I could tell.

I asked Scott not to do certain things, anything that came close to BDSM was off limits, Scott said that he would never dream of doing that stuff to me with Nathan there anyway, and he didn't, although he was his usual self otherwise. He was in no way shy about Nathan being there, in fact he seemed to up his performance. lol

I was uncertain if I would be able to relax enough to give Nathan what he wanted, but after a bit of a nervous start, Scott just got me into it, as he always does, and even though Nathan was there, we just fucked as we normally do, with the added turn-on of Nathan watching. Nathan said he wanted to see me have multiple orgasms, and I'm happy that we was relaxed enough for Scott to give them to me. We let him watch us for the night, I thought it make be awkward for the three of us while Scott and I weren't fucking, it wasn't though because I just went to Nathan and cuddled with him, and when Scott was ready again, I went back to him. Like I said, I have to admit that it was a massive thrill for me, far more than I would have ever thought it was going to be.

Nathan has said that he is still processing all the different thoughts and emotions that he is feeling as a result of this. He was very turned on last night though, and when Scott and I were done, Nathan took me home. We have never made love on the nights that I'm with Scott, last night we did, we both wanted to, and Nathan was so turned on that he got excited to quickly, this doesn't happen very often now, I still think it's so adorably cute when it does though. We waited a bit and we made love the way we do, it was really beautiful.

Everything is so good right now, and Nathan is right when he says that I have nothing to worry about. The four off us are so comfortable in each others company, it's so nice. I'm very happy, so I think I'll leave this thread here.
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