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Oh, yay -- hadn't gotten that far in reading stickies. Thanks!

But not exactly. I meant just the ORE part.

I know I'm experiencing huge volumes of ORE vibe toward DH, and I'm trying to articulate that to him. Let him know how much I love him and appreciate him. I've already SAID it in words many times. SHOWN it in many ways. Some corny, some sexy, some conventional, some bizarre.

Recently and in the past -- hugs, kisses, letters, gifts, flowers, etc.

Was curious to read how other express it to their loved ones and steal some ideas perhaps for a new way to show it/say it.

After 20 ish years, it isn't that the love isn't there. It is SO THERE. But to create delightful surprise when my idea bucket is low is kinda hard.


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