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Originally Posted by AnotherConfused View Post
When I read about people here being in a V or N or triad, does that mean that's who you're having sex with? When it comes to love I think I am in more of a starburst, with some strong rays coming off, and some faint rays, and everything in between, too many to really count.
I think it means there are people you consider to be in a relationship with one another. And as we see, the definition can differ. I don't think it's about sex though. Many people will say things like "I'm in a V, and I also have a friend with benefits" which would make it a Y or an N (depending if the person talking is a hinge or an arm) if it was about sex. Other times people talk about some partners who are part of the V, or N, or whatever, but that they don't have sex with. And finally some people are asexual and don't have sex with any of the people they have relationships with.

Some people might define it with sex, sure. Personally I define it with commitment. If there was just him, would I call this person my boyfriend, and invite them as my +1 for everyone to meet him? If so, he's part of the relationship network. If not, then he's a friends with benefit, or maybe a casual partner whose name I never bothered to learn. I lean heavily towards committed relationships so there isn't really a blurry line for me, but if I was also into casual sex, that is how I would differentiate.
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