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I see polyamory as a structure for relationships, not an orientation like gender or a part of someone's personality. I choose to practice polyamory, as a discipline or approach to my loving relationships. Therefore, I don't think the question, "Am I poly?" is as important as some other questions I could ask myself. And those would be:
  • What kinds of relationships do I want in my life?
  • How do I go about creating them?
  • What brings me fulfillment in relationships?
  • What effect do I have on the people I love and care about?
  • How can I live my life so that my relationships are the best possible expression of who I am and how I love?
I've said this before, but sometimes I think the usefulness of asking oneself "Am I poly?" is about the same as asking "Am I blonde?" Proclaiming oneself poly doesn't really amount to much without figuring out what that means to you and how it can manifest in your life to bring you fulfillment and satisfaction. There is still work to do.
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